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StudioWAV ZODIAC (Melody Loops Pack) WAV

By | December 12, 2022

StudioWAV Zodiac (Melody Loops Pack) WAV Want to create some serious heat in your studio? Look no further than our Zodiac sample pack! This collection of 37 high-quality samples draws inspiration from the likes of Travis Scott, Drake, Roddy Ricch and more – just drag & drop into any DAW and you’ll be making FIRE Beats in no… Read More »

StudioWAV NOCTURNAL Vol.1 (Drake Drum Kit) WAV

By | December 11, 2022

StudioWAV NOCTURNAL (Drake Drum Kit) WAV Bring out your creative side and craft a unique vibe with this drum & loop kit inspired by Drake. This collection of sounds is ideal for any aspiring trap soul producers wanting to create an evocative, ethereal atmosphere. You’ll find professionally mixed drums, loops and samples tailor-made to enhance your next production.… Read More »

jayrwind DUEX SEXES Loop Kit WAV

By | December 7, 2022

jayrwind DUEX SEXES Loop Kit WAV 90+ samples :: In styles of Wondagurl, Travis Scott, Cubeatz, Tame Impala, Yeat, & more !!! All the samples are royalty free, unless any major placement with a top artist. Contact me for sample clearance issues: Included: 90 sitcom 94BPM @jayrewind.wav a bunch of monte sounds 97BPM @jayrewind.wav ABk 117BPM @jayrewind.wav aceebottle… Read More »

Ellis Lost Cryptic (Multi Kit) [WAV MIDI Analog Lab Bank]

By | November 13, 2022

Ellis Lost Cryptic (Multi Kit) [WAV MIDI Analog Lab Bank] CRYPTIC Multi Kit Contains: Sample Library: – Includes 30 placement ready loops created and composed by Ellis Lost – In the styles of Southside, Wheezy, Nardo Wick, Future, Cubeatz etc. – Includes collabs from big names such as Cubeatz, Krazy Mob etc and have been used and approved… Read More »

mesler & alexcheyz Twilight [Serum Bank]

By | November 5, 2022

mesler & alexcheyz Twilight [Serum Bank] “Twilight” Serum Bank Out Now!!! Created by @mesler_ and @alexcheyz Includes: 100 serum presets, 10 vocal chops and 20 loops Bass – 10 Bell – 3 Chords – 5 Keys – 8 Lead – 21 Pad – 9 Pluck – 26 Synth – 18 Requires latest version of Xfer Serum Download link

ProofOnTheTrack Chronicles 2 (Multi Kit)

By | November 5, 2022

ProofOnTheTrack Chronicles 2 (Multi Kit) WAV MIDI PRESETS This producer Multi Kit collection comes with… – Drum Midi Kit – 4 Preset Banks (Analog Lab V, Omnisphere, Electra & Xpand!2) – My personal One Shot Kit with almost 200 One Shot sounds – Drum Kit (160+ Drums like 808’s,Kicks,Snares,Claps,Hats,Hi Hats etc.) – 25+ placement ready sample loops produced… Read More »

ORDUZ Ice Box (One Shot Kit) WAV

By | October 23, 2022

ORDUZ Ice Box (One Shot Kit) WAV ICE BOX (One Shot Kit) 200+ HIGH QUALITY WAV FILES 20 atmospheres 18 brass 16 keys 16 basses 15 guitars 12 flute riffs 11 dry flute riffs 11 flute riffs with no fx – secret sauce not applied 11 bells 10 ethnic riffs 10 mallets 10 fx 9 acoustic basses 5… Read More »

Ripwarheart Passion Sound Kit WAV MIDI FXP

By | September 11, 2022

Ripwarheart Passion Sound Kit WAV MIDI FXP Passion Sound Kit This kit includes: 40 Loops 80 Serum Presets 40 One Shots 90 Midis GFX: @1strellaa VFX: @1strellaa Download link Demo Preview:

Mars & Kappa Pluggnb Essentials Kit WAV MIDI FLP FST

By | July 12, 2022

Mars & Kappa Pluggnb Essentials Kit WAV MIDI FLP FST Mars and Kappa Pluggnb Essentials Kit Mars and Kappa are teaming up to bring you the ultimate essentials kit for Pluggnb Contains: 6 808s 5 Claps + Clap Midi 1 Educational FLP 7 FXs 8 Hi-Hat Midis 6 Hi-Hats 2 FL Studio Master Presets 10 Chord Midis from… Read More »

Stve Lawrence Sample Packs Collection

By | June 24, 2022

Stve Lawrence Sample Packs Collection Stephen “Stve Lawrence” Holloway is a American Music Producer from Orlando, Florida. Lawrence has worked with numerous names in the industry including Disturbing The Peace Records(DTP), Roc Nation, YouTube, TV One and many others. Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Lawrence attended Mercer County College. Lawrence is married with two children. Stve… Read More »

Scorpio Drum Stash 2022 WAV FST

By | May 22, 2022

Scorpio Drum Stash 2022 WAV FST SCORPIO – DRUM STASH 2022 This kit contains 150+ of my go to/custom drum sounds & mixing presets. Included are: -15 MIXER PRESETS -15 808S -15 CLAPS -15 FX, FILLS -15 HHS -15 KICKS -15 OH, CRASHES -15 PERCS -20 SNARES, CS -15 VOXS Download link

James Craft Basement Tapes Vol.1 WAV

By | May 1, 2022

James Craft Basement Tapes Vol.1 WAV BASEMENT TAPES VOL 1 is a collection of dark experimental samples by James Craft with a focus on Children’s Choir. Made using live vocals, flutes, stringed instruments, synthesizers, pedals, and more. This includes: 16 Samples (12 of which include Children’s Choir) Please note that the vocal stems are not included in this… Read More »

Ghoul split [sound kit]

By | April 30, 2022

Ghoul split [sound kit] MIDI FXP SPLIT SOUND KIT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING:  77 SERUM PRESETS  30 HYPERPOP MIDI  SERUM SKIN  LIVE FL STUDIO WALLPAPER  FRUITY DANCE SKINS The midi in the kit are not royalty free, please read the terms and credit either Ghoul or Plankton if you use them 01 ARP 06 BASS 03 BELLS 01 BRASS… Read More »

okayyygid & domchyloops UFO Sound Kit WAV MIDI FXP

By | April 19, 2022

okayyygid & domchyloops UFO Sound Kit WAV MIDI FXP Contains: 40 Serum Presets 20 MIDI 30 Loops 50 Drum Sounds 40 High Quality Serum Presets: 10 Synths 8 Plucks 5 Bass 6 Leads 4 Keys 3 Chords 3 Pads 1 Dub – 25 High Quality Loops In The Style Of Yeat, Ken Carson, KanKan, Playboi Carti. With Labeled… Read More »