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Nightclub20xx Midi Collection Vol.2

By | July 18, 2022

Nightclub20xx Midi Collection Vol.2 Includes 42 Melody Loop MIDI Files by Nightclub20xx List of files: Midi_AguaWater_151_nightclub20xx Midi_BeenUp_152_Nightclub20xx Midi_BornAStar_157_Nightclub20xx Midi_Crashcourse_151_Nightclub20xx Midi_CryLater_170_Nightclub20xx Midi_Cyberboy_148_nightclub20xx midi_Embereagle_144_nightclub20xx Midi_Evileye_164_Nightclub20xx Midi_Finalevil_160_Nightclub20xx Midi_ForSure_155_Nightclub20xx Midi_ghost_160_Nightclub20xx Midi_Locked_147_Nightclub20xx Midi_Midnightflight_149_Nightclub20xx Midi_MovingAway_158_Nightclub20xx Midi_Mystic_150_Nightclub20xx Midi_NewMetal_145_Nightclub20xx Midi_NewPLanet_148_Nightclub20xx midi_newpower_148_nightclub20xx Midi_nicealien_149_nightclub20xx Midi_Planet48X2_Nightclub20xx Midi_PowerTrip_160_Nightclub20xx Midi_PurplePlanet_158_Nightclub20xx midi_PyramidStar_149_nightclub20xx Midi_Redlife_161_Nightclub20xx Midi_Rings_140_Nightclub20xx Midi_Scarface_146_Nightclub20xx Midi_sent2god_152_nightclub20xx Midi_Silience_150_Nightclub20xx Midi_Slither_159_Nightclub20xx Midi_Sunpower_149_Nightclub20xx Midi_Sunsetsonyou_148_Nightclub20xx Midi_Superheart_142_Nightclub20xx Midi_ThisSummer_165_nightclub20xx Midi_throwmyphone_146_Nightclub20xx Midi_Triple_148_Nightclub20xx Midi_Trueevil_146_Nightclub20xx Midi_Understars_155_Nightclub20xx Midi_Venomfeel_147_Nightclub20xx Midi_WhoKnew_146_Nightclub20xx Midi_yourlife_146_Nightclub20xx Midi_YouWish_144_Nightclub20xx Midi_Zapped_154_Nightclub20xx Download… Read More »

Heyitsshark Swërve Sound Kit WAV MIDI FXP FST

By | June 24, 2022

Heyitsshark Swërve Sound Kit WAV MIDI FXP FST Swërve Sound Kit This Kit Includes: 10 Loops 10 Midis 8 Mixer Presets 15 Serum Presets This Kit is in the style of Yeat, Kankan, Ken Carson, Septembers Rich, Zayskillz, Sgpwes, Ect. Download link

Noah Mejia Aquatic Serum Bundle Kit

By | April 20, 2022

Noah Mejia Aquatic Serum Bundle Kit Aquatic Serum Bundle Kit This kit contains: A Full drum kit with essential sounds for beats ( 40 + sounds ) A serum bank with 30 sounds designed by dynox A one shot kit with all serum sounds + some bonus sounds 29 bonus midis to flip into your own samples 20… Read More »


By | April 14, 2022

Venexxi VITALS Sound Kit [BUNDLE] WAV MIDI FXP Vitals Sound Kit created by venexxi Includes ready to use sounds in the style of Yeat, Kankan, Playboi Carti, Ken Carson and more! This kit includes: 50 Serum Presets + 50 One Shots 30 Midis Vital Serum Presets + One Shot Kit Breakdown: Bass – 10 FX – 2 Key… Read More »

Juizbape SEGA Hedgehog Drum Kit WAV

By | March 31, 2022

Juizbape SEGA Hedgehog Drum Kit WAV SEGA “Hedgehog” Drum Kit [by @juizbape] Includes 169 total drum sounds in style of SEGA, 16-Bit, Yeat, Playboi Carti, ScrewStache [Tags] yeat drum kit, ken carson drum kit, drum kit, yeat loop kit, yeat, ken carson loop kit, free yeat loop kit, free drum kit, playboi carti drum kit, loop kit, kankan… Read More »